Pink Gradient


The Phoenix Centre is symbolised by a butterfly. If you have lost your way in life for any reason or are confused you should go to this wonderful place. Open your heart and your mind and you will find your way. Some people have been on the right track and just need a little help. For me I had went off the path of life as a child. Not having found the tools of life where most children find them. I had resigned myself to living my life on the wrong path. But I wanted to change because it kept hurting and making new pain.

The Phoenix Centre and the butterfly done this for me. They gave me my life back and the tools to continue tp stay on the right path. To be true to myself and the people around me. It's amazing I love myself so much now in a good way. And I radiate this to other people. I am not afraid to take praise to criticism and I know how to handle them differently and deal with them appropriately.

It took very knowledgable hands to untie the knots in the different strands of my life. Sometimes it hurt a lot at the time. However, now I know it was worth it.

The bad pain is gone and the good pain I can handle.

The happiness is amazing. The strength you get from it goes right down to the deepest part of your heart and gives you strength you never knew was possible.

And from the deepest powerful part of my heart I say to The Phoenix Centre thank you so much, 

not never but forever.

Now like a Phoenix I will rise from my old ashes with my new strength and knowledge and go to live my new life strong enough to do it on my own. In the knowledge that 

the Phoenix Centre will always be there for me.