Veganism & Feeling Good

Updated: May 21

I never thought I would be 'a vegan'. Years ago, a Vegan conjured up images of people who seemed very different from me. I couldn't imagine living a life that was so confined and restricted. It just sounded like a whole lot of rules around food, that had no meaning to me. I mean, life is hard enough right?

I went vegetarian a long long time ago now. That was an easy transition for me. I didn't like meat to begin with. Or fish. So really the only pain was in missing rashers and sausages! It wasn't too bad a change. I felt so much better being vegetarian. I didn't agree with 'eating animals' and I didn't agree with how they lived out there lives, and of course, how they were killed. Becoming vegetarian, made me feel more clear about who I was, and it aligned me with being 'more me'.

Roll on a couple of decades, and I discover the times have changed so so much. I noticed a good few years back, all the Youtubers I followed were Vegan. I had absolutely no interest in the subject, but just started to get information about eating Vegan, and the ethics behind the choice, as a by product of watching their channels. I saw how clean they were eating, how healthy they looked. How good they felt. I was in! I am a big fan of making choices to make myself feel good, and to be at my best, no matter what that takes. As I said, life is hard enough, so I try to make things easy. Eat good, feel good right? I saw over the years that real powerful connection between eating good healthy food, and my mood, my clarity, my energy levels. I wondered what life would be like as a Vegan. However, I didn't want to feel restricted and have all these foods I couldn't eat. I don't agree with living like that, feeling deprived, or on some rule based food diet. It wasn't until some years passed, I noticed being Vegan opened up more food options to me, than I was currently eating! I noticed by eating a plant based diet I would be eating a wide range of foods I never got around to eating. I saw that it wasn't restricting at all. That all of my favourite food items could easily be veganised. Done!

So needless to say, I am a Vegan. And I can honestly say, the transition was so much easier than I expected. Easy! I did my research first, got to know what foods were vegan etc, and got picturing what food I would eat. So when I finally made the decision, I was set up. Within days of eating plant-based only food, I couldn't believe the change in my mind and in my body. It was a change I didn't think would happen because I thought I already ate healthy. The difference was life changing. Truly.

As a Psychotherapist, it is my work to show or guide people to becoming healthier, happier, more free within themselves. I cannot disregard the powerful impact food has upon us, and especially the power of plants. If you really want to feel better, you can start straight away by eating better. More plants!

Apart from the individual benefits you will get from eating plants, you will have the added amazing benefit of helping the planet and the animals. I am so passionate about this aspect of Veganism, but I am 'no' expert, so I will direct you to some pretty epic documentaries. If you are interested in Veganism, I highly recommend the list at the bottom.

Veganism - Get Educated

Documentaries To Look Up


Forks Over Knives

Plastic Earth

Vegan 2017 - Plant Based News

Eating Our Way To Extinction

Game Changers

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What The Health

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