The Value Of Movement

Updated: May 21

If you are feeling stuck, feeling depressed, or otherwise feeling bad, another simple thing you can do to make yourself feel a lot better, is to move. Apart from the food you eat, the way you move, or if you are moving at all, is incredibly influential on your mood. I am sure by now you have heard that when you exercise your body produces chemicals that make you feel more relaxed and more happy. The process of exercising changes your internal chemistry, and in turn your brain chemistry is changed. Your body has more feel good factors, so you feel better. I know a lot of G.P's are now recommending patients to exercise to treat Anxiety and Depression, because the research is undeniable.

The key is to find a movement that is 'you'. Some movement that brings you joy. Makes time fall away, some movement that make you happy while you are doing it. Dancing, lifting weights, yoga, walking slow or walking fast, Tai Chi, boxing, you make it. As long as you are moving, that is perfect.

So I want to add on one more important benefit to you moving. When we move our bodies in a way that we enjoy, in a way that is part of our lifestyle, it brings us out of our heads, and into our bodies. We are forced into engaging with our inner world, and our body sensations, instead of over thinking and over analysing our exterior world. 'We' are in our bodies. 'We' are not in our heads. How does that quote go, " I think therefore I am"....mmmm I am not so sure! We are so much more than our thoughts. When we fall in love, we are really pushed into our body and our internal worlds, out of our auto-pilot day-to-day head space. We ache for our beloved, we feel in love, we are delighted, we feel connection. We come alive! We all love this experience! But when life settles down, we come back out of our inner world and body sensations, and back into our thoughts.

So as a small but extremely powerful way of enhancing your life's experience, and making yourself feel better, I recommend moving. If you do not have a movement in mind that you would like to rediscover, that is ok. You can begin an adventure of trying to discover what 'your' movement is. The fun you might have standing in the back of a yoga class, while trying not to fall over, while you are the only man there! The fun of finally learning how to do the Tango, badly! The more you move, the more your inner, true self comes up and comes out.

Start Today!

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