The Art of Asking for Help

Updated: May 21

For so many of us, usually the care-takers, the minders, the protectors and the empaths, we find it so difficult to ask for help. I often wonder do we even know what asking for help looks like?

So used to being the fixer, the problem solver, the rock for everyone else, we think we don't need help. We think sure what can anyone do? People are too busy anyway.

I have found that women and men are both prone to this. Men tend to bottle their feelings in, and often the people around them don't even know there is a problem. Women, cope. They survive. They get on with.

Do we need to wait to hit rock bottom before we ask for help? Do we need to wait until we are in hospital, or we have crashed our car, or lost our jobs? Do we need to wait until we cannot pick ourselves up off the bathroom floor? We all know when we are not 'right' inside. Yet most of us muddle through. What is the benefit of this? If eventually we will get to a point where we 'have' to ask for help, why not get there sooner.

The thing I have learned is this. We cannot do it alone. We can do so much. But we cannot do the whole thing alone.

So if you are struggling, hurt, broken, lost, suicidal but trying to hide it, disconnected and medicating to try to numb it, ask for help. Reach out. If you don't get a good response, ask someone else. And keep going. There are free services, online services, local services and more. Help is there. Rise that part of you that wants to feel better. Put it in charge today. Ask for help.

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