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About Me

My name is Gemma, and I am practising Psychotherapy since 2007. I graduated from Turning Point & Dublin City University with a Graduate Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy. Before that I graduated from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, with a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

I am fully accredited with I.A.H.I.P and E.C.P and I.C.P

I am passionate about Psychotherapy as I have seen time and time again how transformative a path it can be. Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to work in a job that truly made a difference in people's lives. I love all things related to Psychotherapy and pretty much spend all my time deepening my understanding of what it is to be human, to living a joyful life, to understanding ourselves better, to increasing my knowledge on skills and mechanisms that make this journey better! I practice mindfulness and love using that very useful way of being to help my clients gain better insight into themselves and their world. The work that I do is truly an honour. Working with people in such a deep and meaningful way, is something I am forever thankful for. Understanding what it is to be human, and what helps us get through our problems and tragedies, is something I will never get tired of. I am incredibly open minded and non-judgmental, ever open to listening and learning about each individual who comes to work with me.

I would love to work with you, to walk with you on your journey. To guide, to support and encourage.

You Don't Have To Face It Alone....